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New Container Candle Making Kit

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A range of essential and fragrance oils and aroma chemicals for you to blend or use as is.


We have a range of oessential & fragrance oils, aroma chemicals, and other perfume and home fragrance ingredients.

Kits & Support Packs

These come with ingredients, packing and instructions (instructions included with kits only) and make great gifts.  We have larger kits for groups and schools.

Useful Stuff

Books and Plush Folly guides to make your making sessions even easier.

Accessories & Tools

Measuring equipment, pipettes, beakers, syringes, pH papers and other items you need.


From jars and bottles to a huge range of perfume bottles.

Discovery Box

A monthly adventure sent to you home.

PF Perfume Club

PF Perfume Club

Each month members will try two samples of perfumes that they may never have experienced before.  

Support Packs

These enhance our eLearning courses and workshops, but are available to purchase without training.  Support packs are sets of ingredients (and packaging if relevant) to make your learning experience more hands-on.