Black Swirls Pot with Lid

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Ideal for use as a container candle pot

Black swirls pot and lid, black on white background.

The pattern was inspired by knots in wood. I can see a cave, stalactites and stalagmites, what can you see?


Pot dimensions:
Height : 82mm
Diameter : 84mm

Made of tactile smooth clay-style material. Lid rests on top of pot.  Every pot is unique and handmade. Some air bubbles or rough patches are characteristics of the composite, water-based, sustainable material the pots are made of.

Care instructions: Wipe clean with warm damp cloth, do not allow prolonged contact with or immerse in water


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Black Abstract Swirls on White Pot Black Abstract Swirls on White Pot
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Blue Pot with Lid Blue Pot with Lid
£10.50 *
Black Swirls on White Pot Black Swirls on White Pot
£10.00 *
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