Cream Fragrance Oil

Cream Fragrance Oil

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Cream Fragrance Oil


Aroma profile: 

A creamy, silky, smooth, luscious dairy double cream note

We love it blended with:  Strawberry, apricot, vanilla, tonka bean and coconut

Note: Base

Fragrance family: Gourmand

Flash point: >60C

Shelf life: 2 years +

Transportation class:  Not restricted

IFRA conformity % levels:

3a/3b (edt/edp for recently shaved skin): 100%

4a/4b (edt/edp for unshaven skin): 100%

11a/11b (candles/room diffusers): 100%


Our perfume spy has detected it in:

Mugler - Angel Muse

Kate Moss - Vintage Muse

Tom Ford - Orchid Soleil

Etat Libre D'Orange - Fat Electrician





Additional product information

Size 30ml


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from £2.99 *
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