Creams, Lotions and Body Butters - A Technical Manual (Downloadable PDF)

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Hugely useful for those of you who are making or plan to make your own creams, lotions and body butters. This manual contains circa 90 pages and goes behind the scenes and explains how to choose and substitute ingredients, formulate/reformulate your products, enhance your creams so that they feel silkier, smoother, runnier, thicker and are suitable for different skin types and conditions – and much more!

For those of you who already own the ‘Make Your Own Skin Care Products’ by Sally Hornsey and are wondering whether this ovelaps…the answer is yes, in places, it does. The Skin Care book assumes no prior knowledge in making skin care products whereas the technical manual is designed for those who are already making creams and lotions and have questions about changing the formulations, substituting ingredients, designing your own creams and using alternative preservatives or emulsifiers.

All the recipes in the technical manual are new for that manual and are not the same as the cream recipes in the Skin Care book. Some of the theories will naturally be the same and ingredients selected for their ability to help a particular skin problem are naturally included in both.

I guess its like having a recipe book on making cakes. A second book on making cakes will be similar, but give you new ideas and recipes.

The document contains over 30 recipes, but it is more of a reference source than a recipe book.

“This has got everything I need, all my questions answered in one place!”

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