Aroma blends for candles

All the measurements below are designed to scent 200g candle wax at 5%.  To make a stronger smelling candle you can add up to double the amounts suggested here.  Scale up when you are making more than 200g candles.

Blend the aromas together (apart from the raspberry ketone - see notes with recipe) and add to the candle wax just before pouring.  Stir well.


Tonka bean & vanilla gourmande

For those who like sweet gourmande type aromas, this is perfect for you!

4g vanilla
6g tonka bean


Tropical mango & coconut

Beautifully topical and reminiscent of hot, lazy summer days.

6g coconut
4g mango


Garden mint & bamboo

Fresh, green and perfect for bringing the smell of fresh outdoors inside.

5g garden mint
5g bamboo


White musk & frangipani

Lush, clean and beautiful, this floral aroma is very pretty.

7g white musk
3g frangipani


Spice Candle with pink pepper & saffron

Gently spicy and alluring.

3g saffron
7g pink pepper


Apple & Cinnamon

Mmmm, this one is sure to make you hungry!

8g green apple
2g cinnamon


Raspberry & Rhubarb

A wonderful aroma of juicy raspberry and cleansing rhubarb.  If you could smell pink, this would be it.

6g raspberry ketone (this is a powder, add it to the melted wax and stir until it is dissolved)
4g rhubarb


Fig & hemlock

Another green and fresh aroma, perfect for awakening any room.

7g fig
3g hemlock


Cuban tobacco leaf & a twist of oakmoss

A lovely deep and warm aroma - perfect for a study or hallway.  Beautiful.

4g oakmoss
5g tobacco leaf
1g patchouli


Patchouli, santaliff & leather

Sensuous leather and wet woods, deliciously masculine but works for the ladies too.

6g santaliff
1g leather
3g patchouli


Coriander, lemongrass & fresh ginger

Fresh and happy, our thai mix conjures up fond holiday memories.

4g coriander
3g lemongrass
2g fresh ginger


Pomelo, green apple & tomato leaf

Refreshing, invigorating and the perfect welcoming aroma for any room, but especially the kitchen.

4g green apple
4g tomato leaf
2g pomelo


Clove, carnation & rose

Beautiful, clean and floral.

6g rose
3g carnation
1g clove


Floral bouquet

Wonderful abundance of fresh flowers.  

2g lily of the valley
2g jasmine
2g wild eglantine rose
2g hedione
2g champaca
2g gardenia