Body Care

Body Care

A range of recipes to keep your skin in tip top condition, beautifully smooth, soft and silky.



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Making body butter

Lemon balm cream

Massage candle




Body Butters

Body Butter Oh Whipped One
Rather Delicious Body Butter
Silky Skin Blanket


Body Oils
Shimmer Shimmer Body Oil


Foot Powder


Massage Candle
Massage Candle



balm_whippedBody Butter Oh Whipped One

100g shea butter

Optional Extras
5g aloe vera gel
10g monoi de Tahiti
10g coconut oil

Sprinkling of crystallina glitter
Gold mica

Place shea butter in large bowl and soften a little in the microwave
Using hand held whisk, beat until light and frothy and leave for 5 minutes or so
Beat for a couple of minutes every 20 minutes or so until very light and very fluffy
Place half the amount in jar. Label.

Add optional extras to the remaining shea butter and beat again for a few minutes. Place remainder in another jar. Label.

Directions - Rub/massage into skin as required

Shelf Life - 18 months

body_butter_7Rather Delicious Body Butter
25g sucragel
50g shea butter
10g mango butter
14g fractionated coconut oil
1g vitamin e oil
1g essential oil

Heat sucragel to approximately 70°C
Mix together coconut oil, shea and mango butters and heat to 70°C
Whisk the sucragel using a milk frother or similar and slowly add the melted oils/butters.
Whisk for a few minutes then add the vitamin E and essential oils.  Whisk on and off as the mixture cools.
Place into a container
Rub onto legs, tummy, arms - anywhere!

Shelf life:  18 months


creams_33Silky Skin Blanket

Wrap yourself up in a blanket of silky cream designed to soften, protect and moisturise.  Oat protein will protect, hydrate and leave you silky soft.

12g peach kernel oil
12g melon seed oil
8g e-wax NF
1g vitamin E

20g neroli orange blossom floral water
40g spring water
1g D-panthenol
0.5g oat protein

0.5g optiphen preservative
0.5g sweet orange essential oil

Place the oils and e-wax into a heatproof jug or bowl.  Place the jug/bowl over a saucepan of hot water and allow the e-wax to melt.

Place the waters and oat protein into another heatproof jug or bowl and stir gently.  Place this jug/bowl over a saucepan of hot water and allow the waters to warm, but not boil.  Once the waters are almost hand hot, remove the jug from the heat and stir in the d-panthenol.

Once the wax has melted, remove the oils/wax jug from the heat.  Slowly pour the moils/wax mixture into the waters/oa/panthenol mixture stirring all the time.

The mixture will start to thicken as it cools.  Keep stirring briskly to ensure a smooth consistency.  After 2 or 3 minutes, add the optiphen preservative and essential oil and continue to stir until thoroughly blended.  Continue to stir on and off until the cream is cooled.

Once cooled and thickened, place in a jar and label.

Directions: Massage into skin as required

Shelf Life: 9 months


body_oils_3Shimmer Shimmer Body Oil

A beautiful oil that will enhance your tan and add a wonderful healthy sheen to your skin

25g Monoi de Tahiti
10g peach kernel oil
65g rice bran oil
0.5g gold mica

Make sure the Monoi de Tahiti is at room temperature.  Place the Monoi de Tahiti into a 1 litre jug or large bowl and slowly add the peach kernel oil stirring all the time.  Slowly drizzle in the rice bran oil.  Continue to stir until the Monoi de Tahiti is thoroughly mixed into the oils and the consistency is runny, not solid.

Add the mica and stir again to ensure that the mica is blended through the oils.

Place into a wide necked jar.

Directions for use:  Massage into shoulders, neck, legs - anywhere that you wish to expose.

Shelf Life: 12 months


talc_6Foot Powder

30g cornflour
20g fuller's earth
15g bicarbonate of soda
15g white kaolin clay
10g tapioca starch
10g tea tree powder
1g blend of peppermint, rosemary and tea tree essential oils (optional)

Place all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix until the (optional) essential oils are thoroughly absorbed. Place in an airtight container and label.

Directions for use: Sprinkle onto feet and/or into socks.

Shelf Life: 18 - 24 months


massage_candle_1Massage Candle

Massage candles aren't just candles, they are a solid massage bar that is melted with a burning wick.  The 'candle' melts at a low temperature, is cooled for a moment and then poured onto the skin to be used as a massage oil.

Voted the '4th best sex toy' by The Independent Newspaper, here is our version of the massage candle.

60g soy container wax
40g avocado oil
20g cocoa butter
60g shea butter
3g essential oil (see blend below)

You will also need :
1 x wick sustainer
1 x glue dot (or something similar to keep the wick sustainer in place)
1 x suitable sized wick
1 x wick holder
1 x tin or other suitable container (capacity 200g)

Gently heat the soy container wax with the cocoa butter until both have melted
Remove from the heat
Add the shea butter and stir until that has melted too.  Put back on a gentle heat if necessary.
Off the heat add the avocado oil and the essential oil blend and stir to ensure that are thoroughly mixed

Meanwhile prepare your container by wicking it and making sure that the wick is firmly in place

Pour your melted wax/butter/oils mixture into the tin and leave until cool and set

Directions for use:
After trimming the wick to size, light the candle and allow to burn for a while so that a wax pool forms
Blow out the flame and allow the wax to cool for a short while
Drizzle the melted wax onto the body and massage it onto the skin
Repeat as often as required

Suggested essential oil blends:
Sensual - 1 part patchouli, 1 part ylang ylang, 1 part sweet orange
Sleep, Perchance to Dream - 4 parts lavender,1 part clary sage, 1 part vetiver
Wake Up, Shake Up - 3 parts bergamot, 2 parts grapefruit, 1 part basil, 1 part ginger
There There - 3 parts roman chamomile, 2 parts lavender, 2 parts neroli

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Shelf life - 2 years





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