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A selection of recipes to make your own make up products.



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How to make lipgloss



Raspberry Lip Gloss
Ultra Shine Pale Lip Gloss

Plum Cream Eye Shadow
Powdered Olive Eye ShadowVitamin Lashes Mascara


lips_2Raspberry Lip Gloss

3g beeswax
3g cocoa butter
3g shea butter
3g olive oil
6g castor oil
2g raspberry mica

PLEASE NOTE that this recipe is for lip gloss that is a 'soft solid' consistency. It will need to be placed in a pot and applied to the lips with a lip brush or other suitable applicator.

If you wish to have a runnier, more fluid lip gloss, you will need to adjust the amount of beeswax (use less) and increase the amount of liquid oils.

Place all the ingredients except the mica in to a small container (a ramekin dish is perfect) and place container over a pan of simmering water. Heat gently until melted.

Remove from the heat.

Gradually add the powdered mica and sitr well.

Place the lip gloss in to a container and put the lid on securely. Label your pot.

Directions - Apply to your lips using a suitable applicator or very clean finger.

Shelf Life - 1 year


Fotolia_58989794_XS_2Ultra Shine Pale Lip Gloss
15g sucragel
4g glycerine
2g mango butter
30g fractionated coconut oil
2g beeswax
1g vitamin E
1 pinch sparkling mica
1/2 teaspoon pink mica

Heat the sucragel with the glycerine.
Heat the coconut oil, beeswax and mango butter.
Whisk the sucragel and glycerine using a milk frother and slowly add the melted oils/wax/ butter. Add the vitamin E once the mixture has started to cool a little.
Add the micas and stir well.

Place into a container.  The best container for this lip gloss is a lip gloss container with sponge tip dipping applicator or squeezy lip gloss tube with lip wipe insert)

Shelf life:  9 months


eyesPlum Cream Eye Shadow

Wax Base
10g jojoba oil
3g beeswax
3g carnauba wax

Powdered Base
1.5g magnesium stearate
3g cornflour
5 drops jojoba oil

Powdered cosmetic colours
1 pinch black mica
1/4 teaspoon blue ultramarine
1/4 teaspoon pink mica 

Put wax base ingredients in to a small container (a ramekin dish is perfect) and place the container over a pan of simmering water. Heat gently until melted.

Whilst the waxes are melting, in a separate bowl mix the powdered base ingredients and add the colour to the powdered base. Blend and mix until the powder has turned a plum colour and no specs of individual colour can be seen.

Add the coloured powdered mixture to the dish containing the melted waxes. Quickly and carefully mix the coloured powder eye shadow stirring all the time. If the mixture starts to set, remelt it by placing the dish back on the pan over the simmering water.

When fully blended together, pour mixture into container. If necessary reserve a little to top it up as the contents may settle when cooling.

Leave to harden for at least 2 - 3 hours.

Directions: Apply using clean finger or applicator

Shelf Life - 1 Year

Tip - Wipe jug (whilst still warm) with kitchen towel to remove residue before washing

Tips On Blending Colours
• Red Oxide with Yellow Oxide will make an orange colour
• Red Oxide with Ultramarine Blue will make a purple colour
• Ultramarine Blue and Yellow Oxide will make a green colour
• Red & Yellow Oxide with Ultramarine Blue will give a brown colour
• Adding mica will lighten the colour a little and give it a metallic finish
• Add a tiny amount of cosmetic grade glitter to any of the colours to get a sparkle


matt_eyePowdered Olive Eye Shadow

2g magnesium stearate
4g cornflour
1g titanium dioxide
5 drops jojoba oil
1 pinch black mica
1 pinch burgundy mica
1 pinch green oxide

Place the base powders in a small bowl and carefully blend in a grinding motion with teaspoon (putting the pwders through a fine mesh sieve helps)

Add the drops of jojoba oil and continue to blend until thoroughly mixed in.

Gradually add the powdered cosmetic colours until you have the desired colour (test on back of hand). The rule is START WITH A LITTLE COLOUR AND GRADUALLY ADD MORE.  Grind/seive the colours and the base powders together until they are thoroughly blended.

NOTE: Even when you believe you have thoroughly blended the colours together, check by rubbing a little on the back of your hand. If there are any unwanted colour streaks, return to the bowl and continue blending.

When you are happy with the colour you have blended, place the eye shadow in a pot and put the lid on securely. Label your pot.

Directions - Apply to your eye lids using an eye shadow applicator.

Shelf Life - 1 year


mascaraVitamin Lashes Mascara

Makes enough for about three mascara tubes

Oil phase
3g castor oil
3g fractionated coconut oil
4g emulsifying wax NF
1g stearic acid

Water phase
25g spring water
5g dimethicone
3g d-panthenol

Post heat phase
1g vitamin E
0.5g optiphen preservative
5g black oxide


Weigh the water phase ingredients and place these ingredients in a heat-proof jug or bowl.  Place the jug/bowl into a pan of simmering water to melt the emulsifying wax and stearic acid and to heat up the oils.

Weigh the oil phase ingredients and place these ingredients in a heat-proof jug or bowl.  Place the jug/bowl into a pan of simmering water to heat up the ingredients.

Once the emulsifying wax and stearic acid have melted and the waters are hot, remove both the jugs/bowls from the heat and pour the oil phase ingredients into the water phase jug/bowl.  Stir immediately and keep stirring for the next two minutes.

Add the black oxide, preservative and the vitamin E and stir again until the black oxide is thoroughly mixed in. Adjust the colour by adding more black if you feel this is necessary.

 As the mixture cools it will become thicker - but once it reaches its thickest it will be very difficult to get into the mascara tubes so I suggest that you pour it in to the tubes as soon as you have mixed the colour in.  You may find it easier to use a syringe to transfer the mascara from the jug/bowl to the tube.

Leave until completely cool before putting the brush in and the lid on,

Shelf life: 6-9 months 

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