Corporate Events

Corporate Events

We are delighted to offer an exciting range of corporate events.  

These events can be tailored to your audience, time scale and specific interests. These can also be carried out as a team competitive event, a team building event, as a group workshop or in the style of an informative talk. 

These events are be held by highly respected cosmetic guru Sally Hornsey who has over 10 years experience in the cosmetic industry and over 20 years experience in training. Sally has formulated perfumes with celebrity clients such as Kirsty Allsopp, Kevin Keegan and the England Rugby team. Alongside such achievements, Sally is a successful published author of multiple publications. 


Here are some of the kinds of events we have to offer:


Behind The Scenes - Perfume 
Explore and sample some of the key ingredients that combine to make up classic perfumes such as Chanel No.5, Guerlain Shalimar and YSL Poison and contemporary perfumes such as Tom Ford Black Orchid, Escentric Molecule 01 and Thierry Mugler Angel.

Optional: Extend the session by 30 minutes if you wish to make perfume blend as well.


Perfume Adventure Trail 
A fabulous opportunity to experience some of the wonders of perfume making and is a must for anyone who is an avid perfume wearer or who would like to make their own perfumes.  Enjoy sampling beautiful, exotic, fresh, stunning individual oils and learn how they are constructed into perfume classics.   Experience very rare oils from the beautiful to the almost unpleasant!

Optional: Make your own blend to take home with you. 


Exploring Mood Through Smell 
Enjoy experiencing aromas that can trigger emotions, moods and memories.  Mentally transport yourself away from the office and immerse yourself in aromas indicative of holidays, weekend walks and romantic places - wherever your mind takes you! 

Optional: Create your own 'take me away from here' aroma potion in a jar.


Please call 020 8979 5478 for further information.