Room Fragrance

Room Fragrance

A selection of recipes to scent your home.  If you need inspiration on blends that will lift your spirits, calm you down, remove the smell of cat or gently add a waft of spring florals, why not check out some of our other blends in the perfume recipes section.



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How to make a container candle





diffuserSoft Fruit Blossom Room Diffuser

A very simple but effective way of throwing a scent around the room.

5g angelica fragrance oil
5g linden blossom fragrance oil
5g almond blossom fragrance oil
10g mango fragrance oil
10g perfumers alcohol
40g dipropylene glycol

You will also need 6 reed sticks and a glass bottle that can hold approximately 100ml liquid.

Blend the fragrance oils in a beaker.  

Add the dipropylene glycol and perfumers alcohol and stir well with wooden stirring stick or similar.

Place mixture into a beautiful glass bottle.  Insert 6 reed diffuser sticks into the bottle and allow them to fan out of the top of the bottle.

Place the bottle, with sticks, somewhere in your room where it won't get knocked over.

Allow 24 hours for the perfume to rise up the sticks and permeate the room.

For an extra perfumed burst, turn the sticks over and insert the other way up (ie. upside down).


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