The History of Makeup Document

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The History of Makeup Document

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A woman without paint is like food without salt’ Plautus (c254-184BC) - it would appear that makeup (paint) was a ‘must have’ from the very early ages.  Throughout the centuries, women (and men) have adorned and painted their faces in an effort to make themselves look and feel beautiful, enhancing or altering certain features and hiding others.

This document takes a quick tour through the centuries to discover what natural ingredients have been used as makeup.  It takes us up to today's return to using natural minerals as makeup - but in a much more controlled and fascinating way.


This document covers the following topics:

A short history of makeup
Typical natural ingredients used as makeup over the years
Makeup trends through the years
What is mineral makeup
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Our e-Learning makeup modules include:

Making makeup - eye products
Making makeup - face and cheek products
Making makeup - lip products
Makeup - colour and ingredient information

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