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Also known as ambrofix, ambroxid krist and ambermor

Aroma profile: 

An excellent fixative with dry and rich ambery-woody notes.
Plush Folly comments: "Rich ambery,musk and dry wood.  Warm and rounded." 
Form: white crystals

To use you will need to dissolve the crystals in a little ethanol, perfumers alcohol or, depending on what you are making, you can place them directly with the raw materials and dissolve over a gentle heat.  Melting in a bain marie over a gentle heat also works.  

The melt point is approximately 77 degrees C


Dissolving rates: Dissolve up to 0.5g in up to 10g perfumers alcohol


If you use a greater amount than 1g ambroxan in the above dilution quantities not all the crystals will dissolve

CAS. no: 6790-58-5

We love it blended with:  Cedarwood, patchouli, sandalwood amyris, oud and amber


Fragrance family: Oriental Sweet,Balsamic, Woody, Animalic

Flash point: >100C

Shelf life: 2 years +

Transportation class: Not restricted

IFRA conformity % levels:

3a/3b: >20

4a/4b: >20

11a: >20            11b: >20


Our perfume spy has detected it in:

Juliette Has A Gun - Not A Perfume
Escentric Molecules - Molecule 02
Dior - Sauvage

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