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Replying to R
from on 03/04/2023
Hi R - Thank you for your feedback. Yes Hedione can be a little tease and tricky to use initially. It is fairly elusive at first but then becomes very much part of the scent.

It isn't diluted - that's it at its full strength, but allow it time and I believe that once you get it, you will wonder why you couldn't smell it in the first place!
Hardly any Scent!
from on 01/04/2023
This was my most disappointing purchase of all times. Even at 20% I couldn’t smell anything! Absolutely nothing! Tested on fragrance strips, skin, perfume blend & on cotton material - zero scent as far as I could smell. Is this sold perhaps already diluted by plush folly or is it sold 100% strength I don’t know! Either way disappointed!
from on 09/06/2017
I can smell this in CK One. Very very nice. A very sexy sensuous feel. This and white musk is so alluring on a women for me!

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