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Simply beautiful!
from on 19/08/2020
Creamy, balsamic sandalwood. It's like a warm hug! A must for every perfumer!
from on 01/02/2019
Many tend to say it is a good alternative to the real one, however I believe this is on its own world itself.

The first thing it popped in my head: "Escentric 04 from escentric molecules!!"

As they have used javanol which share huge profile odour with sandalmysore.

It is very long lasting and it adds a smooth-grainy-mellow feel to the blends past the 4 hours where it comes up with all other base notes.

It is amazing in complex pyramids as well as outstanding in 3to5 notes simpler compositions.

It comes rather dense but fluid and it is not that overwhelming in terms of potency so it can be added liberally.

Be the judge and get a bottle! :)
from on 10/07/2018
Sensual, long-lasting ... beautiful..

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