CLP - SDS and label information for PF oil blends

We have developed the blends, the CLP SDS and the label information for your candles and room diffusers.

All you need to do is purchase the relevant CLP choice, the fragrance/essential oils and/or aroma chemicals and create the blends to use in your handmade candles or room diffusers.  We will then  send you the CLP documents with the information required for the label.


Peony & Plum - fruity but not zesty. Fresh and delicious

Linden Blossom & Coconut - the lime in the linden blossom works with the coconut to provide a tropical freshness

Mango & Pomegranate - fresh and fruity.  If this was a cocktail we'd be drinking it

Jasmine & Rose - beautifully floral and very pretty

Cardamon & Oud - rich and spicy, dark and glorious

Pink Pepper & Pomelo - the fresh citrus from the pomelo merges with the sweet spiciness of the pink pepper giving this aroma a fresh uplifting twist

Angelica & Rhubarb - juicy, sweet, comforting and hugely popular

Oakmoss & Bamboo - green and fresh with woody notes

Salty Sea Dog & Tobacco Leafa very fresh uplifting fragrance that has a fresh, happy outdoor aroma

Ambergris & Labdanum - rich, syrupy, resinous, deep and delicious

Pomelo & Citral PQ - an uplifting zesty fresh citrus aroma

Clove, Cinnamon & Pomelo - spicy, fresh yet warm

Beeswax & Honey - this is truly delicious and smells of sweet rich delicious honey

Cucumber & Red Apple - fresh, clean and aquatic

Lilac & Champaca - gloriously floral, an abundance of heady floral

Patchouli, Black Musk, Amber & Leather - deep, dark, sensuous and very sexy (please note that this only available as 10% in a candle not 5% or 8% as in the menu choices)



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