Sage EO - herbaceous, fresh and uplifting with subtle leathery undertones, gives a fabulous lift to a fragrance blend. 



from £7.26 *


Bamboo FO - clean, light and with green ozonic undertones.  Reported to be naturally evocative for both feminine and masculine perfumes.

Salty Sea Dog Fragrance Oil - with fresh, green, ozone-aquatic notes, this captures the tang of salty air on a blowy beach walk.

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Rosemary EO - comferous, herbaceous, adds a lively middle note to any perfume and a fabulous active ingredient in skin and hair products. 



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Coriander Essential Oil - a fresh spicy, woody aroma with a spicy edge and elements of green notes.  



Oakmoss Fragrance Oil - foresty, mossy, damp, earthy, wet lichen-like aroma that adds longevity to perfume blends

from £5.29 *