Honey Fragrance Oil

Honey Fragrance Oil

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Honey Fragrance Oil 

Please note that from 14th July 2018 our honey fragrance oil has been reformulated to exclude lyral 31906-04-4 as per the IFRA regulation update.  Any previous technical documentation will need updating, please email us to ask for a the updated SDS, IFRA and allergen documents.

Aroma profile:

Honey fragrance oil is fresh, sweet, and wonderfully similar to the real thing, but without the stickiness!  Whilst honey will bring a sweet, balsamic, soft golden note to your perfumes, it can deliciously enhance a fruity, woody or floral note and blends extremely well with vanilla, tonka, citrus, florals and amber.

Honey offers a soothing, comforting, gourmande elements to your perfumes and adds a warm, familiar dry down. 

Use it to add a nectar-like twist to your rich florals, to temper the zesty citrus rush to soften dry woods and to mellow sharper perfumes.

It should be in everyone's perfume toolbox. 

We love it blended with:  Cedarwood, hazelnut, strawberry, lilac and ivy

Note: Base

Fragrance family: Gourmand

Flash point: >90C

Shelf life: 2 years +

Transportation class:  Not restricted

IFRA conformity % levels:

3a/3b (edt/edp for recently shaved skin): 3.56%

4a/4b (edit/edp for unshaven skin): 3.56%

11a/11b (candles/room diffusers): 100%


Our perfume spy has detected it in:

Kirstie Allsopp K
Paco Rabanne Lady Million
Jean Patou Que Sais Je
Thierry Mugler Angel
Thierry Mugler A*Men
Elie Saab Le Perfume
Marc Jacobs Honey
Lady Gaga Fame
Dior Poison


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