Honey Fragrance Oil

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Response to anonymous review
from on 13/12/2017
I'm so sorry that the honey was not to your liking. I believe you had a vial of it in which case smelling from the vial is often difficult since it only has a tiny opening. If you are able to put a couple of drops onto a blotter or testing strip I'm hoping that you will find that it does smell of lovely honey after all - honey with a floral nectar element. The ammonia aroma is puzzling as we don't stock anything of that description at all. DO let me know how you get on.
Can't smell honey
from on 09/12/2017
I was really looking for a genuine honey fragrance, not sure if there was a mix up and something else got into my vial labelled 'Honey but this to me smells like ammonia.
I only ordered a sample and very satisfied with the rest of the items I got.
Tenacious and sexy!
from on 29/06/2017
This is a very sexy smell. The dry down is gorgeous. A very layered and complex aroma. I tried this with green apple, chocolate and ethyl maltol. I now have my take on a lovely toffee apple yummy!

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