Formulating Perfumes

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Super useful and detailed
from on 27/11/2021
I would definitely recommend this course for anyone looking to make perfume for themselves or commercially. It's super detailed and even though is specific to perfume, it teaches a lot about fragrances in general.

Even though it has been over a year since I got the course, I still refer back to it when making perfumes. I believe the course will continue to be useful to me long into my fragrance journey.
Well presented and inspiring
from on 08/10/2019
I really enjoyed the course, it was so well presented and it really inspired me, so thank you so much for your insight into the world of perfume.
I have greatly enjoyed this course
from on 09/04/2019
Thank you very much for your comprehensive assessment of my course assignment, along with your interesting technical notes and observations, and for your kind comments. I have greatly enjoyed the course, and feel I have learnt a lot and gained a feel for how the various elements of a perfume blend and behave together.

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