Vitality Fine Fragrance

Vitality Fine Fragrance

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Vitality Fine Fragrance

Our fine fragrance range has been designed for candles and home fragrance products but are perfectly suitable for soaps, bath products and other cosmetics.

** FREE CLP SDS** for the use of this fine fragrance oil in candles at 10% or less.  Click on the 'Own Tab' (above) and download when required.


Aroma profile: 

Awaken your senses with this fresh and sprighly aroma.  Hints of absinthe, citrus and spicy freshness.


Designed to be used on its own but we had fun tinkering and we also love it blended with:  Bergamot, lavender, oakmoss, alpha pinene, red apple and aniseed

Note: Middle

Fragrance family: Spicy

Flash point: >50C

Shelf life: 2 years +



Transportation class:   RESTRICTIONS APPLY Please see notes


IFRA conformity % levels:

3a/3b (edt/edp for recently shaved skin): 15.68%

4a/4b (edt/edp for unshaven skin): 46.17%

11a/11b (candles/room diffusers): 100%





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