Cosmetic Legislation CPSR Prep (Accredited) e-Learning

Cosmetic Legislation CPSR Prep (Accredited) e-Learning

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Not sure what to include when submitting your formula to your cosmetic chemist in order for him to safety check it?

Join us on this short but thorough e-Learning course and focus on what is needed for your own CPSR.

Information your cosmetic chemist will need to receive from you
Where to obtain key information
Calculating ingredient percentages
INCI, CAS, EINECS, CI numbers and allergens
Calculating application areas
Product categories
Animal testing
MSDS and CofA information
Restricted and limited ingredients
Challenge & stability testing

Included as part of this course:
6 months email support post-course
CPSR examples
Cosmetic chemist contact information
Lab testing contact information
Course notes and support documentation
The opportunity for you to submit your CPSR to the tutor for sanity checking prior to sending it to your chosen cosmetic chemist

Please note that this course does not include checking your product formulation (although we will help you calculate the ingredient percentages).  It is assumed that your formulation is your responsibility.  Product making courses are available for those who wish to learn how to design and create products.

Plush Folly work closely with many cosmetic chemists and as such do not recommend one specific company.  We will, however, happily suggest relevant chemists based on your particular requirements (product, budget, timeframe etc).

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