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Blending Packs

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Can't decide which aromas to buy?  our blending packs are just what you need for you to sample, create perfumes and experiment with before purchasing bigger sizes.  

Each vial contains enough oil to yield 35ml perfume if diluted at 5% (edt strength).  So one blending pack is sufficient to set you off on your perfume making adventure.

The 1.75ml vials (either fragrance or essential oils for perfume making) are packed according to fragrance families.  

Please note that our aroma chemicals are not currently included in the packs (including the bespoke pack) unless you specifically choose to buy the aroma chemical pack.

BIG BLENDING PACKS are available - they contain a larger selection of vials.


Our citrus pack will contain five citrus aromas

Our fruity  pack will contain five fruity aromas 

Our floral pack will contain five colourful floral aromas

Our white floral pack will contain five white floral aromas 

Our woody pack will contain five woody aromas

Our green pack will contain five green aromas

Our oriental (spicy) pack will contain five spicy oriental aromas

Our oriental  (sweet) pack will contain five sweet oriental aromas 

Our fougere pack will contain five fougere aromas

Our chypre pack will contain five chypre aromas 

Our leather & tobacco pack will contain five leather/tobacco type aromas 

Our resins pack will contain five resinous aromas 

Our rose pack will contain  five rosy/rose related aromas 

Our animalic family will contain three animalic aromas

Our manly pack contains five aromas that are very suitable for a man's aromatic blend

Our natural botanical pack contains five essential oil aromas

Our combo pack contains five aromas - a selection from five different families

Our aroma chemical pack - contains five aroma compounds

Our BESPOKE pack contains five aromas (regrettably aroma chemicals are not included in the bespoke packs) of your choice. Please specify which oils you would like to receive by listing them in the 'order and delivery' notes box when you check out your order.


We reserve the right to substitute vials where deemed necessary.   

Please note that aroma chemicals may be included at our discretion in the packs unless you specifically choose to buy the aroma chemical pack.


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Aroma White Floral

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