Essential Oil Profiling Self-Study Module

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from on 23/04/2015
I learned so much from this course & found many ways in which the essential oils can be used , and now that I have this knowledge I know that I shall always have them in my cupboard
Loved it!
from on 23/09/2014
I have absolutely loved undertaking this course, as well as learning a lot I have been able to experiment and create lots of goodies for my skin, bath and home (as well as a couple of disastrous blends!) The amount of material received with the course is fantastic and gave me plenty of scope for experimentation.
Comprehensive and value for money
from on 23/09/2014
Just received the course oils and materials wow super comprehensive package and excellent value for money! Not to mention being able to download the course material, loving this course and the way in which it is presented! Thank You!


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