Glass Beakers

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Made of Borosilicate glass, these glass measuring beakers can withstand extreme heat and are therefore ideal for heating small quantities of ingredients directly over heat.

This glass is not invincible and will break if dropped, but it can cope with very hot and very cold temperatures providing the change in temperature is not sudden. It is also resistant to chemical corrosion and is the preferred choice for laboratories.

We use these when making our lip balms and creams - pop the ingredients into the beaker, place the beaker onto an electric hob and wait for the waxes/butters to melt.

Available in the following sizes:

10ml (33mm tall, 22mm diameter) - perfect for blending perfumes
25ml (45mm tall, 35mm diameter) - we use these for lip glosses and for blending perfumes
50ml (58mm tall, 42mm diameter) - we use these for our lip balms and glosses
100ml (65mm tall, 58mm diameter) - perfect for small pots of creams and salves
250ml (98mm tall, 75mm diameter) - useful for melting chunky cocoa butter and for mixing creams, body butters and lotion

Marked with smaller increments to allow for measuring (but not nearly as accurate as using your weighing scales) and a spout for easy pouring.

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Capacity 10ml

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