Certificate in Making Hair Care Products (Accredited) eLearning

Certificate in Making Hair Care Products (Accredited) eLearning

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Make your own hair care products

Designing and making your own hair care products can be challenging, fun and rewarding.


"Can I really make a business out of making and selling hair care products?"  Click here to see a list of businesses set up by Plush Folly students.


This comprehensive modular accredited course will teach you the following topics:

Hair Facts
The different phases that hair goes through throughout our lifetime
The structure of the hair shaft and how the different layers affect the look of our hair
Hair porosity and shape
Hair care and maintenance
Characteristics of different hair types
Hair issues and key ingredients to tackle these issues

Hair Care Ingredients - Functions & Benefits
Key oils, butters, waters and waxes used in hair conditioner
How these ingredients can benefit different hair types
Specialist hair conditioner ingredients such as vitamins, extracts and proteins
Making and using infusions, tinctures and extracts
Using herbs and essential oils in hair treatments

Making Shampoos (using surfactants and using the lye and oils methods)
Key surfactants and what they are derived from
How the surfactants have an impact on your shampoo formulations
How to use the surfactants to create your shampoo
Other additions to include in your shampoo such as vitamins, extracts and proteins
Thickening your shampoos
Testing and adjusting the pH of your shampoos
Formulating shampoos
Recipes (including a surfactant shampoo bar)
Lye safety
Key oils, butters, waters and waxes used in shampoos
Fatty acid characteristics and how they can effect your shampoo and hair
Specialist ingredients such as vitamins, extracts and proteins
Testing and adjusting the pH of your shampoo
Thickening your shampoo
How to make shampoo using the hob and slow cooker methods

Making Hair Treatments
Hair balms, pomades and masks
Hair serums and detanglers
Hot oil treatments
Hair gels
Hair conditioners
Hair perfumes
Recipes (leave-in, rinse-off and pre-shampoo treatments) 

Using Preservatives
Why and when do you need a preservative?
Good practices
Commercial preservatives available
Aqueous product testing

Safety and hygiene 
Patch testing
Measuring chart
Further reading and resources

Online tests, course assignment (including a product review) and CPD accredited certificate

This course is presented to you in a number of beautifully formatted, fully illustrated PDF files with video inserts*


Our courses promote the use of natural ingredients where possible, however where there is a synthetic ingredient that we feel gives a more professional finish to a product we will include those too.  

Whilst we don't specifically focus on organic ingredients should you wish to substitute an ingredient - for example coconut oil for its organic version, you are completely at liberty to do so.  

Our courses teach you to formulate from scratch so swapping ingredients for organic versions where you choose is very easy. 

Email support is offered whilst you learn and your files are available to you online for six months from date of purchase.  

Purchasing all the modules together represents a cost saving of £45, and we have also included some additional information not otherwise available.

Please note that the following modules are available to purchase separately if you do not wish to purchase the entire set of modules.


The PF Guide to Using Preservatives is included with the course notes




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*The videos are supplied courtesy of Videojug with whom we spent a few days recording.  On occasions they remove videos from their site and therefore all links from YouTube and other sites will not work.  We apologise if the video you wish to watch is not available but this is out of our control since Videojug own the videos.



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Hair Structure, Phases, Types and Issues (Accredited) eLearning Hair Structure, Phases, Types and Issues (Accredited) eLearning
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Making Hair Treatments (Accredited) eLearning Making Hair Treatments (Accredited) eLearning
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Making Shampoos using Oils and Lye (Accredited) eLearning Making Shampoos using Oils and Lye (Accredited) eLearning
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