Making Liquid Soap Products using Surfactants Guide

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from on 12/03/2018
Hi Dawn I'm sorry you are disappointed. You are right, the course is designed for a beginner since it covers explaining what a surfactant is, the primary and secondary properties and ionic properties and contains profiles of key surfactants including their properties and usage rates. This isn't something that an experience user would need. It is all useful information that someone starting out developing products using surfactants would require in order to make the right choice of surfactants. I'm sorry the course description led you to think it was a more advanced course.

The recipes we include cover a number of soapy products including body wash, bubble bath and shaving soap to give people an idea of how to use the different surfactants to create different types of products.

Yes, the web is a wonderful source of information and I hope you can find what you need out there. If there is something specific we can help you with then please do email and ask.

Thank you for your feedback.
from on 11/03/2018
There is nothing in this pack that you can’t find for free on the internet.I was left very disappointed and feeling a little ripped off if I’m honest.A quarter of the 48 pages were recipes .Perhaps this would be suited to a complete beginner.However I would not recommend it .You can find all the information in here for free and much more.I was hoping it would enhance my knowledge and perhaps help with some trouble shooting,well no,it’s basics only.My advice would be to search the internet
and actually much of the information given is actually provided by the companies that sell the ingredients.Very disappointing.

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