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Welcome to Plush Folly, a leading cosmetics training provider and the home of top quality accredited e-Learning programmes, kits, perfume and home fragrance making ingredients, tools and accessories.


We have a very comprehensive range of perfume making ingredients - fragrance oils, essential oils, aroma chemicals and dilutants as well as a range of tools such as funnels, pipettes, beakers, measuring cylinders, and a selection of beautiful perfume bottles.


Our mission is simple - we are committed to the success of our students and customers. We work hard to ensure that we can offer you the best and most up-to-date information, tools and educational programmes to help you design and make fabulous products for your customers, friends and family.


We are consultant members of:


The Fragrance Foundation UK            IFRA_UK IFRA UK


We love our customers and it seems you love us too! See what the students have been saying about their time here.


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Our favourite summer season aromas

The Top Selling PF smells to date

Mango Iso E Super 
Coconut Tonka Bean
Lime Salty Sea Dog
Honey Pink Pepper
Rose Oakmoss
Grass Cucumber
Aldehyde C16 Mock Orange
Honeysuckle Peony
Peach Oud
Champagne Patchouli

The Complete Guide to Making Hair Care Products eLearning

Enhance your crowning glory! Design and make your own fabulous hair care products - shampoo, conditioner, serums and treatments. 

£120.00 *

The Complete Guide to Making Candles eLearning

From beautiful natural container candles to funky free-standing coloured amazing candles, everything you need to know to create your own.

£65.00 *

The Complete Guide to Cosmetic Legislation eLearning

Cosmetic Legislation - learn about the areas that you will need to address in order to sell your cosmetic products legally.

£150.00 *

The Complete Guide to Making Makeup Products eLearning

Make your own makeup products for face, eyes and lips. Suitable for all skin types and tones.

£107.00 *

The Complete Guide to Making Skin Care Products eLearning

Design and make your own range of natural skin care products to suit different skin types.

£145.00 *

The Complete Guide to Making Spa Products eLearning

Make your own bath and spa products, including scrubs, salves, soaks, fizz, melts and non-talc powders.

£95.00 *

The Complete Guide to Making Natural Bar Soap eLearning

Make your own bars of soap using the hot or cold process method and using many fabulous ingredients.  

£65.00 *

Making Liquid Soap using Lye Self-Study Module

Learn how to design and make your own fabulous liquid soap products using the lye and oil method.

£40.00 *
Prices excluding VAT and delivery (if applicable)


A selection of ingredients, tools, kits, accessories, packaging, and other support materials.



Our e-Learning courses and workshops are very informative, practical and fun.  Learn a new skill today.

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About Us

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