Recreate A Classic Perfume - Kit

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Recreate A Classic Perfume Kit

Do you have a favourite perfume that you would like to make your own modified version of?

We have access to extensive databases, subscriptions, books and websites and a wealth of experience to help us research the key notes and components of many, many perfumes.  We will pick up to 8 of the individual aroma components and include these in your kit for you to blend.

Formulations are closely guarded secrets and understandably the perfume houses do not make these publicly available.  Please note that whilst we can provide you with ingredients, we obviously cannot provide you with the formulations.  

We will provide instructions on how to create generic blends, but the rest is up to your interpretation of the classic.  Whilst we can't promise that you will create the identical aroma, we will provide you with the individual tools, aromas and components to help you design your own (even better!) version along the lines of your favourite classic.    

Our 'Recreate a Classic' perfume kit contains sufficient ingredients to make approximately one x 25ml bottle perfume and includes:

Up to 8 x 1.75ml vials undiluted fragrance/essential oils used in your classic perfume
perfumers alcohol to dilute your perfume blend
pipettes for dispensing the oils
cotton wool pads on which to try your blend

smelling sticks to test your blend
instructions on making a generic perfume

Please note this kit contains perfumers alcohol, which can only be dispatched by road transport. Anyone ordering from other locations will have the perfumers alcohol substituted for a non-alcohol dilutant. Please click here for details. 


Please note that in the event that we cannot identify the key components in your classic perfume, we will contact you to give you the opportunity to choose another classic or offer you a full refund.



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