About Us

About Us

We are in our twentieth year! When we look back we are very proud that our ideas have turned into reality and we truly are in the business of providing the best cosmetic workshops and home study courses to enable you to make beautiful cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, hair, skin and body care products.

We have grown from strength to strength after having started out manufacturing from a kitchen.  

Our successful cosmetics business started at school and village fairs and craft markets and progressed to selling products via shops (including Harrods & Fortnums) and salons both nationally and internationally, and at landmark occasions such as The Chelsea Flower Show!

In 2007 we ran the first of many soap making courses quickly followed by a sell-out perfume course and by mid 2009 we decided to change our business goals and focus only on cosmetic training and education.  Our cosmetics courses will help you to define and reach your goals too.

Each and every one of our cosmetics courses is designed and created by us based on our 15 years+ experience in the cosmetic field and our 20 years+ experience training in financial and IT markets.  We get so much pleasure from teaching how to mix fragrances, colours, glitters, textures, powders, butters, botanicals and so forth that sometimes we forget that it is work - not just pleasure!

Our cosmetics eLearning courses will take you through a step by step 'how to make it' process and include all sorts of vital information that comes from years of practice. By the end of our training courses you will have successfully designed and made a range of beautiful cosmetics, candles, home fragrance and/or skin care products yourself (depending on the course chosen) and will be well on the way to starting up your own business.  Our focussed workshops cover masses of information and are designed to accelerate the learning process so that you are able to create your products and if it is your intention to start a business we will help you take the necessary steps to get you going.

We will guide you and answer any questions you may have.

See a list of our successful students businesses.

We are environmental enthusiasts and use recyclable materials whenever possible.  Please don't be surprised if your Plush Folly delivery turns up in a pre-loved Amazon or Hotel Chocolate delivery box of if your items are wrapped in Chanel tissue paper!

Whether you want to purchase from our huge range of aroma oils and perfume bottles, or join us in our perfume or candle making classes, are interested in making natural skincare products, want to study how to make cosmetics at home or simply to have fun with a 'make your own cosmetics' kit, we're here to help you.