Sally Hornsey is the creator and inquisitive mind behind Plush Folly. Awarded Registered CPD Presenter status, Sally delivers the workshops and oversees the home study programmes.  

Sally has run her own soap and cosmetic business for nineteen years. As well as writing her own books - 'Make Your Own Perfume'  (Published 2011) 'Make Your Own Skin Care Products' (published 2011) and 'How to Make Your Own Soaps in Bar, Liquid and Cream' (published 2014).  Sally also self published two technical manuals Creams, Lotions and Body Butters and the latest Cosmetic Legislation: A guide to anyone who wants to make it in cosmetic manufacturing.

Courses that helped Sally to develop her skills include Cosmetic Science (short course, Royal College of Fashion), Making Perfume (Grasse, France), The Fragrance Sales Programme (The Fragrance Foundation) and the Complete Cosmetic Chemist Natural Formulations Programme (Allured).

Sally has also acted as consultant for a large film company during their filming of a crime fiction based around an organic soap and toiletry manufacturer.  As well as making natural cosmetics live on BBC Solent radio, Sally worked with a Channel 5 television production team, advising on a formulation for making soap out of  .... well let's just say that the zany science programme featured a man having liposuction....

That really pushes the cosmetic product formulation and development skills to the fore!

Sally's television debut came at Christmas 2010 in the form of perfume making with Kirstie Allsopp on Kirstie & Phil's Perfect Christmas.  

As a cosmetics consultant, Sally has given many presentations and talks on making soap and associated products. As well as more local to home, Plush Folly products have been sold in France, Germany, & Luxembourg, and have graced many shop shelves including Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and the Chelsea Flower Show.

When did it all start? After leaving college, Sally worked for Debenhams Ltd as a management trainee and soon discovered which areas interested her most!  The first department under Sally's wing was Perfumery, quickly followed by Cosmetics, Toiletries and Fashion Accessories, and it was here that Sally had her first introduction to skincare and beauty treatments courtesy of Lancome.

From retail management to investment management and the lure of the big City, Sally then spent in excess of 15 years training professionals and startups on a national and international basis in what then became her niche - IT and Investment Banking projects.

In an effort to strike a realistic work/life/family balance, she now happily spends her days surrounded by essential oils, makeup, cosmetics, perfumes, glitter, feathers, fluff and colour rather than by IT strategies and graduate training programmes. Over the past seventeen years , Sally has instructed more than 6,000 students through workshops, distance-learning and private classes.

Sally has a particular interest in using bee products in her own cosmetics and has two beehives housing very kind natured and generous bees who keep her supplied with honey and wax!

Sally works with a great team - Elaine, Harry, and Rose - each of whom help make Plush Folly a wonderful place to be.