Favourite Links

Favourite Links












 The Soap Kitchen


The Soap Kitchen has a huge range of cosmetic and candle ingredients, packaging and useful information.  The Soap Kitchen is also a wonderful source of MSDS documents.






Visit Gracefruit Limited for a diverse range of fragrance oils and ingredients -  all carefully selected and personally tested by experienced cosmetic makers and our preferred choice when it comes to formulating.





Sensory Perfection

Sensory Perfection have a large selection of fragrance oils suitable for use in cosmetics and candles.  Their Sweet Musk became an instant favourite as soon as we opened the bottle! We are grateful to Sensory Perfection for supplying many gorgeous testers Sally needed when writing the 'Make Your Own Perfume' book.







Natural Body Synergy - restore your natural balace, improve everyday life movement and flexibility





Beauty Resource



Beauty Resource connects individuals with qualified beauty professionals in the UK. They offer treatment information, upcoming beauty events and the latest beauty news on their blog.





Live A Life You Love - Life Coaching & Consulting by Monica Castenetto




History of Makeup and Cosmetics - thank you to Donna for bringing this document to our attention! There are some useful links on the page.


Scales!  We are frequently asked where both retail stamped and good quality digital scales can be purchased.  We are pleased to link to One Weigh as they have a great selection and very reasonable prices.


Printed Ribbon UK - not only beautiful personalised ribbons at a decent price, but very helpful and friendly service too!


Perfect Day Weddings - Past Plush Folly staff member, Renie, is very enterprising and produces the most beautiful wedding stationery.  Check her website for more details.


Buying Not Making?  Try Eau-de-Toilette.co.uk   They have one of the widest ranges of Eau de Toilette from brands such as Giorgio Armani, Davidoff, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Calvin Klein and Versace available online. With thousands of products from hundreds of brands, there's something for everyone.


The Perfume Box is a leading supplier of genuine fragrances. As all of their products are original, 100% genuine and authentic


PC Repair We love this guy and are very happy to recommend him. He has fixed our PCs, sorted out our technical 'senior moments' and generally made our IT life smoother, faster and happier.  Thanks!


Craft Links - A useful website for those who like to dabble!


West African Children's Trust - a very worthwhile charity run by one of our students.  Please visit the site and see how the charity operates.


Open Colleges Australia  - for our Australian students, this college offers a list of online beauty courses that home study students might be interested in - lots of choice for those of you who fancy more training!  Since 1910, Open Colleges group has been helping people from all walks of life to launch, change or accelerate their careers. Over this time we have been at the forefront distance and online e-learning in Australia. This webpage encompasses more information about the courses the organisation has to offer.