Ethical Statements

Ethical Statements

Animal testing
The European Union introduced a ban on the testing of finished cosmetic products (shampoo, make-up, toothpaste, etc.) on animals in 2004.  Five years later, it also ended the testing of ingredients, following this up in 2013 with a ban on the import and sale of new cosmetics tested on animals abroad. Plush Folly conform to this ban and do not knowingly purchase or sell ingredients that have been tested on animals as per the regulations. We are against all forms of animal testing.

All our fragrance oils conform to the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) guidelines.  For safety handling and inclusion levels, please read the SDS and IFRA information which we are happy to supply you with.  If you cannot find these on our website, please email your request.

Unless otherwise specified, we recommend less than 0.5% for facial products (not including lips or eye area), 2% for most rinse-off body products and 1% for most leave-on body products.  This very much depends upon the aromatic oil used and the combination of aromatic oils in the blend as some individual aromatic oils are restricted.  The recommended levels and blending advice are freely given on our home study courses and workshops.

Do our fragrance oils contain phthalates?  Yes, some of them do, but rest assured that the variety of phthalate used is Diethyl Phthalate (DEP) which is considered safe for use in cosmetics, safe for the environment and safe for the planet.  Whilst there are other phthalates that are considered toxic and harmful, DEP is not.  In fact there are no restrictions or warnings issued by IFRA or RIFM (Research Institute of Fragrance Materials) regarding the use of DEP.

Why do we use DEP in some fragrance oils?  Well it makes them more manageable and can help to anchor the aroma giving it a longer lasting aroma.