eLearning FAQs

eLearning FAQs

Questions and answers about our eLearning course

Do you have payment plans?
Many of our e-Learning courses are available to purchase as separate self-study modules so rather than pay for the entire programme, you can pay and learn in smaller modular chunks.  We regret that this isn't available for all our e-Learning courses as it is difficult to split some of them up.    

How long will it take me to complete my course?
A frequently asked question that is VERY hard to answer! It depends entirely on you - the time you wish to spend on the course and how much you want to put into it.  Some students work solidly and are finished very quickly while others are studying alongside full-time jobs and family commitments. Some people like to test as many recipes and ingredients as possible while others are studying to learn how to make just one thing. It really depends on what you want from the course.  From our side, we provide support for six months for the 'Complete Guide to...' courses. 

Do I get a discount?
We do offer a discount system for multiple purchases and for your second and subsequent 'Complete Guide to...' course.

How will I access my files?
Your files are made available online.  They are in pdf format and can be found in your account area when you are logged into the Plush Folly website.  You can either access them this way each time you wish to study or save them to your pc/laptop hard drive cloud, Dropbox or similar.  We strongly recommed that you save these files as soon as you open them for the first time snce the links will become inactive after a period of time.    

Will I have access to a tutor during my studies?
If you have purchased a 'Complete Guide to...' eLearning course then yes! We ask that you email your questions to us and we will respond as quickly as possible, usually within a few working days.  If you have purchased a self-study module support can be purchased via our eConsultancy services. 

Is the test difficult?
The test is part of 'The Complete Guide to...' courses.  Each test is designed to challenge you and to allow us to assess whether you have achieved the level required to allow us to award you with a certificate.  Our aim is that everyone who has studied their course material thoroughly will have all the knowledge needed to pass the test. It is in multiple-choice format and is accessed online.  It's fine to use your course notes as reference through the test although some people like to challenge their learned knowledge without their notes.  The pass mark is 70%.

What if I fail the test?
Don't worry - you may take the test again.  If you fail the test, you'll know straight away as the test shows your result when you've completed it.  

Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?
If you purchase 'The Complete Guide to...' eLEarning course then as long as you pass the test and have completed the assignment then yes, you will receive a certificate.  Certificates are produced monthly so you may have to wait a little while for yours to arrive, depending when you complete your course (but they're worth the wait!).  

Do you provide ingredients with the course?
No, we don't provide ingredients as a matter of course as most of the practical courses come packed with recipes for you to choose from and we can't anticipate what individual students will choose to make and therefore what they will need - it's like trying to provide all the ingredients to cover all options in a cookery book!

For certain courses we do offer a starter pack that can be purchased with the course.  The starter pack contains a range of key ingredients.

We encourage our overseas students to source their ingredients locally, saving them postage costs and reducing our joint carbon footprint!  You are not tied to using ingredients bought from Plush Folly for our courses and are free to buy from any supplier.  We find that as students work their way through several courses, they build up a great beauty store cupboard of ingredients so if you have already done a course or two, you may find you have some or all of the ingredients you need.

How do I access my allocated tutor?
You simply email your queries to the tutors' email address: tutors@plushfolly.com

Is there an assignment for me to complete?
It depends which course option you chose to purchase.  The self-study modules do not require you to take a test.  The 'Complete Guide to…' courses come with online tests and assignment.

What if my support period runs out?
The 'Complete Guide to…' courses have six months support.  This should be plenty of time to complete your course and during that time you have access to tutor support.  We do, however, fully understand that life sometimes gets in the way and occasionally students run over this period.  If this happens and you still wish to have support, you can pay a reconnection fee of £25 plus VAT to have tutor access and support for a further three month period.

Can I sell the products made as part of the course?
You can only sell products to the public if they have been safety assessed by a cosmetic chemist. You can give the products you make as part of the course to family and friends but cannot sell them until they have been safety assessed.

When I have finished the course, will I be able to make and sell products?
Yes! Our training provides you with enough information to be able to make saleable products in the area you study.  However, you will want to practice and perfect your skills before you do so.  Also, you need to have products safety assessed by a cosmetic chemist before you can sell them.

Do I have to send you anything during the course?
We love to see digital photos of your products so do send any you take but otherwise, no, you don't need to send anything during the course unless you are required to do so as part of your assignment.

How will I get feedback on how I'm doing?
Your tutor will email you when you send us any photos, work or queries.  

I'm abroad - can I still take the course?
Absolutely!  We support students all over the world.  The course material is accessed online so as long as you have computer access we'd love to welcome you to the course! 

I'm a complete beginner, is the course suitable for me?
Yes - absolutely ideal.  The courses assume no knowledge in their product area.

How can I buy a course?
You can buy the courses online via our website www.plushfolly.com

What are your payment methods?
You can pay by paypal, credit or debit card or make a bank transfer.

Can I print the course notes?
Yes, you can print the notes - some students prefer to work from printed notes, others choose just to print the recipes they wish to keep.  The notes are in pdf format and easy to print.  Please remember that the notes are copyrighted to Plush Folly and may not be copied, used, modified or passed on to others for their use or sold to a third party.