Snap-on spray instructions

How to snap on your snap-on perfume spray
You only get one chance at this so please read the instructions carefully and watch the video before starting to attach your spray.
You will need your perfume bottle and your snap-on spray attachment.  Note that the spray attachment is 'closed' at this time ie. you cannot yet see the nozzle that has the spray hole in it.  This will emerge as you successfully insert the snap-on spray into the bottle.
Step One - cutting
Cut the snap-on spray tubing to size.  You need the tube to be about 0.5cms longer than the height of the bottle from base of neck to base of bottle.
Cut the tubing diagonally at an angle, do not cut straight across.
Step Two - filling
Fill your bottle with your beautiful perfume.
Step Three - first pressing to position the spray
Take the snap-on spray and insert the tubing into the bottle.  Holding the bottle in one hand (so it doesn't accidentally get knocked over), press gently but firmly onto the top of the spray with the other hand.  Make sure that you press it down straight so that the spray is not then set at an angle.
The first pressing will allow the snap-on attachment to sit comfortably in the bottle, but you will still be able to see the little plastic fringe of the spray attachment peeping out at the neck of the spray.
Step Four - second pressing to fix the spray
Again, hold onto the bottle just in case, and firmly press down on the snap-on spray attachment.  Apply pressure as necessary.  Make sure you press down straight.  
Step five - spraying
Once the metal collar is touching, or very close to touching, the glass bottle and the top part of the spray nozzle has popped up, the snap-on has been fully inserted and you should be able to spray your perfume.   
If you are using a cabochon lid, insert this on top of the spray nozzle. 
Helpful hint
We use an upturned bottle to press our snap-on spray into our bottle.  We find it easier than pressing with our hands.
The bottle used for the pressing needs to be able to fit over the top part of nozzle and rest on the outer neck so that it is only the outer neck that you are pushing down on.
Slip the bottle over the top of the nozzle and press down as per the instructions for first and second pressing.   
There - easy!