Cream Fragrance Oil - a creamy, silky, smooth, luscious dairy double cream note that adds a hint of opulence to your blends



£101.00 *


Caramel Fragrance Oil - creamy, softly chewy caramel - so delicious you'll enjoy smelling this and want a Worthers Original to suck!

from £7.26 *

Chocolate Fragrance Oil - We searched until we found something mouthwatering. Hot, dark cocoa aroma...mmmm, with a smooth bitter dry down.

from £32.64 *

Tonka Bean Fragrance Oil - a sweet aromatic soft vanilla - a blend of chocolate and vanilla without smelling of either chocolate or vanilla. 

from £4.98 *

Honey Fragrance Oil - Fresh, sweet, and wonderfully similar to the real thing, but without the stickiness! 

from £31.68 *