Formulating Hair Care Products

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Everything You Need to Know About Formulating Shampoo and Hair Treatments

Designing and making your own range of hair care products can be fascinating, fun and rewarding. Our information-packed guide teaches you how to make your own range of hair care products, each designed to treat and nourish hair. 


This fully-comprehensive instructional guide has been carefully compiled using our knowledge and experience of over 20 years.  It leads you through making your own range of hair care products which can be tailored to suit different hair types and needs. 


Products include:

Shampoos (using either the lye method or the surfactant method), conditioners, balms, pomades, masks, serums, detanglers, hot oil treatments, gels and hair perfumes


These sections can be purchased individually:

shampoo (lye), shampoo (surfactants), hair treatments but by buying them together as a single purchase you will also receive the hair sturcture, phases, types and issues and hair care ingredients (functions and benefits) guides.



Each product category contains detailed information on the benefits and properties of key ingredients including carrier oils, vitamins, herbal extracts, proteins, emulsifiers and preservatives

The recipes included can be modified to suit individual requirements.


We promote the use of natural ingredients where possible, but where there is a synthetic ingredient that we feel gives a more professional finish to a product we will include those too.  


Whilst we don't specifically focus on organic ingredients should you wish to substitute an ingredient - for example coconut oil for its organic version, you are completely at liberty to do so. 



Beautifully formatted, fully illustrated PDF files with some video inserts.


After purchasing you will be sent an email with links to access, download and save the documents.


By purchasing this electronic download you are deemed to have accepted our Terms and Conditions. 


"Can I really make a business out of making and selling products?"  Click here to see a list of businesses set up by Plush Folly students.




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Making Shampoos using Oils and Lye Guide Making Shampoos using Oils and Lye Guide
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