Perfume Accessories Packs

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Really useful perfume accessories pack containing a selection of dilutants, tools and bottles to facilitate your perfume making experience.


Each pack represents a cost saving compared to purchasing the items individually.
Please note that the accessories pack does not contain any aromas, why not consider adding individual oils or blending packs
Item Small   Large  
Dilutants Pack 100ml perfumers alcohol and 30ml each of MMB or Augeo, IPM and coco caprylate) Yes Yes
1ml pipettes 10 30
3ml pipettes
10 30
10ml measuring cylinder 1 1
25ml measuring cylinder - 1
Glass beaker  10ml 25ml
Perfume testing strips 30 100
Perfume testing strip bags 10 25
Funnel(s) 1 2
Cotton wool pads  25 25
10ml amber bottles with dripper insert 2 5
2ml polypropylene atomisers  5 10
2ml glass samplers  5 10
1.5ml glass roll ons 5 10
2ml glass atomisers  5 10
8ml glass atomisers - 5
12ml glass atomiser(s) 1 4
25ml glass atomiser(s) 1 2
Please note that we will swap the perfumers alcohol for another suitable perfume dilutant should the order require delivery outside Europe.
Plush Folly reserve the right to substitute an item for something similar and at the same or higher value should that particular item be out of stock.

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