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It felt very informal and intimate
from on 20/05/2015
The course was very interesting and informative. I especially liked the format and tone of the course. Instead of being clinical and technical, the information sounded like someone was speaking to me, like someone was sitting with me and telling me these things. It felt very informal and intimate.
from on 21/04/2015
i loved doing this course and recieving all my ingredients making m y iown prouctsw helped me gain so much knowledge into everything i needed to know to enable me to start my own cosmetic business i would do more courses with plushfolly as they were very helpful really appreciated the help and after completing the course you still can recieve help up to a further 6 weeks
from on 16/10/2014
Plush Folly has actually Opened up a whole new world for world for me & my sister!

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