Certificate in Making Perfume using Fragrance & Essential Oils (Accredited) eLearning

Certificate in Making Perfume using Fragrance & Essential Oils (Accredited) eLearning

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How to Make Perfume

This course teaches you how to make perfume using essential oils and fragrance oils.
Please note that the difference between this course and the 'Certificate In  Making Perfume (Accredited eLearning) course is the aroma chemicals module.  
This course touches on using aroma chemicals whereas the 'Certificate In  Making Perfume (Accredited eLearning) course has a whole module dedicated to using aroma chemicals.  
The aroma chemicals module is also available to purchase separately.

During this unique accredited programme, you will learn how to make perfume using essential and fragrance oils.  You will also learn about the history of perfume and how it has influenced style and mood from ancient times and still today. You will study natural and synthetic ingredients used in perfume making, their benefits, what they are for and why they are used.

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Delve into the world of beautiful oils and identify top, middle and base notes and how to structure a perfume.  Identity different aroma-family classifications. Taking the role of a 'nose' we analyse top brands of perfume to see how they are formulated and what makes them so popular and successful.

You will become skilled at layering and blending techniques and use these to create a variety of stunning, unusual and breathtakingly beautiful scented products.

This accredited e-Learning course will teach you the following topics:

Safety & precautionary advice
The history of perfume
Cult & contemporary perfumes
Key perfume making ingredients
Blending with essential and fragrance oils
What are aroma chemicals?
Natural versus synthetic ingredients
Fragrance families
Top, middle and base notes
Blending techniques
Diluting your blend
A nose and the power of smell
Mood enhancing qualities of oils
Commercial perfumes analysed
Getting the best from your perfume
Packaging your perfume
Ingredients information for labels
Allergen information 

This course is presented to you in beautifully formatted, fully illustrated PDF files.

Ingredients: You may choose to purchase this course with or without the support pack.   The support packs contain either 25, 50 or 75 different essential or fragrance oil aromas  (1.75ml vials) plus an assortment of equipment including perfume bottles (spray and roll-on), vials, perfume testing strips, funnel, pipettes, beakers, measuring cylinder, smelling pads, 4 different dilutants.

Please note that we cannot send the perfumer's alcohol overseas.  If you are abroad and order a support pack, we will substitute the perfumer's alcohol for another dilutant.   

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course
If you wish to also include studying the use of aroma chemicals to make perfume, please see the perfume course that includes these. 

Email support is offered whilst you learn and your files are available to you online for six months from date of purchase.

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